A Missing Energy Link to the Science of Evolution And Survival of Civilization


The Promise of Energy for



A Power Point Introductory Presentation





StarSteps allows kids (young and old) to understand Ph.D. levels of science and math simplified.

Physics Awaits New Options as Standard Model Idles

The Trouble With Physics - Five Foundational Problems

As we celebrated 100 years of E=MC2 stagnation, a staggering equation which remains at the original

and most crude form of utilization, application, and unbelievable lack of comprehension

perhaps the Holy Grail of Modern Science is:

The missing and illusive Radius of Curvature described in StarSteps, which completes the expanded view of E=MC2

Combining the two seemingly opposed pillars of modern science, general relativity and quantum theory

Surpassing the emerging scientific contradictions permitting advances toward FTL (faster than light), field dependent

propulsion, polarization of gravity, action at a distance, as well as "movement", the appearance of motion, from one point

to another without going through all points in between




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