The above representation implies space and time Visually disappear at the Zero Point center of a sine wave


Many of the difficulties which we encounter in our attempt to understand the operation of the natural laws arise because of our severely restricted concept of the nature of time. Time follows the same curve of natural law which is apparent in the operation of all the basic factors of nature, and again the radius of that curvature is measured by the quantity C.

Follow the example in StarSteps which puts us in a unique position from which we can, from a single point in time, observe ourselves occupying three rather widely separated positions in space.

Zero Point: When energy differentials between two specified point of measurement reach the VC energy differential (or the mass/matter energy differential conversion equivalent - which also equals the VC energy differential)

Exceeding the VC energy differential limit, the natural laws begin to operate in reverse between the specified points of reference/measurement. The Sine Wave accurately depicts the nature of Natural Laws with a positive and negative Curve. A sine wave whose mathematical radius - the VC energy differential the Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law




Two half circles whose radius is equal to the quantity VC            
 VC representing the velocity of light energy differential quantified            
                Radius of Curvature = VC  
+ VC                      
- VC                      
      Radius of Curvature = VC            

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