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Expanding the Window to Reality

Infinite Universe - Infinite Energy - Infinitely Recyclable - Infinitely COST FREE

We will now accelerate a conceptual understanding of the nature of the radius of curvature of natural law

From the micro (nuclear) frame, to the local everyday here and now, through to the macro (stars/galaxies) frame

We will take Flatlanders towards a less restricted dimensional view of reality

And provide far greater degrees of freedom of both movement, resources, and expression

The implications for the advancement of science toward a sustainable, abundant, healthy and prosperous world order will be immeasurable. Greed, Hoard/Grab/All Mine becomes pointless at Infinite Resources & Researves

It's all about total interdependent relationships

Space, Time, Mass, Matter, Energy, Gravity


  • Nuclear Energies are on standby and far more readily accessible than through fission or fusion
  • The conversion factor between matter and energy is precisely equal to the quantity C, velocity of light
  • The quantity C is the pivotal point about which the natural laws become manifest; i.e.
  • An energy differential equal to C between two reference points suspends the natural laws
  • An energy differential in excess of C between two reference points, the laws appear to operate in reverse.

The natural laws are Relative: that is, the value of one can be altered between any two reference points by altering the value or relationship of the other. This last fact should always be borne in mind when we hear some dogmatist solemnly declare that we are forever barred from reaching the stars by the hopelessly great degree of separation which exists between us.




A Viewing Point of E=MC˛ 

    Expanding the Window to Reality will be an ongoing column of thought provoking, unresolved issues remaining dormant in contemporary science's fragmented perspective of Reality.   We intend to prove concisely where unfounded, unproven fundamental assumptions, along with the denial of the existence of numerous non-conforming hard evidence, is hindering progress towards the conclusion of the Unified Field Theory.   We intend to show, that while biased, and skewed evidence may work well in some segmented micro or macro realities, common sense is lost, hidden variables scream foul, and theories from the resulting tangents of reality border on the absurd.   To date, significant breakthroughs into energy evolution, overcoming the gravitational obstacle and the speed of light barrier, remain a far distant, imaginative fantasy, traversing faster than the speed of light away from common sense. 

Perhaps we fail to take into account the reason why we have not advanced past this primitive propulsion concept may have something to do with a restricted viewing field

    It is difficult to comprehend modern sophisticated scientists, still employing the 4000 year old Chinese rocket propulsion concept. Perhaps we fail to take into account the reason why we have not advanced past this primitive propulsion concept may have something to do with a restricted viewing field - i.e., when measuring the dimensions of your back yard, the curvature of the earth need not be taken into account; when measuring the physical dimensions a state, continent, or planet, the curvature of such body may have to be considered, depending upon the type of measurement to be taken. 

    On a larger scale, when we take measurements into the micro (nuclear) or macro (stars, galactic) from our position at the local, Newtonian, classical everyday world we live in, there definitely exists a radius of curvature that must be considered after the mathematics are completed, to interpret the results. Otherwise, we remain 'flatlanders', still proclaiming the world is flat in the realms of quantum mechanics and relativity, with nary a common sense link to Consciousness and the Metaphysical portion of the spectrum.

Science and Metaphysics may be viewed as riding the same spectrum, one beginning at one end, the other commencing at the other end. It may be seen and understood with the Radius of Curvature concept, a viewing point akin to that which permitted a "flatlander perception move to three dimensions or a round world". Hopefully, we can at least begin to admit, our expanding viewing point did not stop at the 'round world' status.  

    We must, and will recognize, that while our contemporary mathematics describing the natural laws appear to be linear - linear in the micro (quantum) realm, linear in the macro (relativity) realm, linear in the classical Newtonian sense of the everyday, here and now, the three sets of laws are connected on a spectrum by a radius of curvature that follows a sine wave nature of positive and negative curves. Only when the factors of space, time, mass, energy, gravity and their interdependent relationships are viewed in their energy differential equivalents will we begin to see the hidden variables and new possibilities. That will also require a new perspective of time and space.

    We welcome the reader's ideas.   Our prime objective will be to accelerate a conceptual understanding of the nature of the radius of curvature of natural law from the micro world, through to the macro world.   We will take flatlanders towards a less restricted dimensional view of reality, which will provide far greater degrees of freedom of both movement and expression. The implications for the advancement of science toward a sustainable, abundant, healthy and prosperous world order will be immeasurable.

    The major precepts will be:

  •     TO STIMULATE AND EXPEDITE: A major Transformation of our concepts of Space, Time, Mass/Matter, Energy, Gravity and Altered States of Consciousness; a perceptual enlargement as crucial and profound as our historical heritage counterpart -the perceptual move from a flat world limitation to a round world horizon of our past. 

  •     TO RECOGNIZE: that this perceptual move from a point of view to a viewing point is 'continuous'. Once reached, the viewing point itself becomes a point of view and the evolutionary process continues. It is a time of a new metamorphosis; A time of stepping out of another cocoon; A time for all of us, in our striving for elegance in excellence, to help each other come out of Plato's Allegorical Cave of shadows. 

  •    TO IDENTIFY THE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL PERCEPTUAL DUALISM paradoxes: in almost every field of endeavor which result in the inability to see 'both', as the analogy goes "the forest and the trees", or multi-dimensionally "the one and the many", (where One is both individuality and universal wholeness, unity, simultaneously)...........example: from physics - the principle of complimentarity/uncertainty "light is either a particle or a wave...." the underlying issue of illusion may be better grasped through the concept "it is either a forest or a tree, it can never be both, it depends upon the observer's way of looking at it through the curvature of natural law" ( i.e. 'positional/perceptual' point of view referencing Space/Time/Energy/Mass/Gravitational differentials). 

  •     TO DETERMINE: the radius of curvature of natural law that 'binds the complete and total interdependence' of mass/matter, energy, space, time, and gravity differentials (a viewing point of E=MC2). And humbly concede that previous civilizations were familiar with the sine wave characteristics of natural law through the symbol passed down to us from them: the circle with the sine wave passing through its center. The circle, being without beginning or end, symbolizing the infinite nature of the Universe itself and the sine wave passing through it symbolizing the curved but finite nature of the laws which operate within the infinite whole.

  •     TO UNDERSTAND THE ROLE: perception and the radius of curvature of natural law plays when dealing with the macro and micro universe at degrees where E=MC2 begins to affect our observation, our measurement, and our reference points. 'We cannot begin to see or measure faster than light energy differentials except in redefined terms'. 

  •     TO GRADUALLY come to understand: how consciousness, gravitational mass, and frequency interact as theorized by some quantum models. 

  •     TO GRASP the "simultaneity of events" factor through the radius of curvature of natural law, the pivotal point about which the natural laws become manifest, so as to move from a unidimensional concept of time to a concept of time which includes more than one dimension mathematically (without the preposterous assumption that one can physically move backwards or forwards in time). 

  •     TO TEST THE PREMISE: Our ordinary physical laws do not hold true when carried to an extent which permits the error to be measured, because they do not follow a straight line to infinity, but a curve of finite radii. In a timeless universe, this curve would be represented by a circle, but since the laws operate through time as well as space, the curve is more readily understood if depicted as a "sine wave". In this case the base line of the wave represents zero, and the portions above and below the line represent the positive and negative aspects of the law.  Thus we see that there are points and conditions in which the natural laws reach zero value with respect to a given reference point, and that beyond these points the laws become negative, reversing their effect with respect to the observer.  

  •     THE PIVOTAL POINT:  IS THE RADIUS OF CURVATURE of natural law, represented on the sine wave by a constant, an energy differential equal to the quantity C (velocity of light), a pivotal point? Not only of the Wave/Particle - Inertial Mass/Mass - Matter/Energy Duality, but also exhibiting negative gravitation at precise energy differential relationships that exceed VC between two reference points?  Can this energy differential exist other than as a rate of increase/decrease in the spatial separation (velocity)?  May it also exist as a frequency by the mathematical rule E=Fh, where F becomes the constant 9X10 20TH ergs/gram?  'How may this be tested to demonstrate the reverse effect of a natural law with respect to the observer (specifically of gravity)'?  


    • The "Limitations of Relativity": The "limitations of relativity" will always precede us at a distance equal to the radius of curvature of natural law. We need not fear that we will ever overtake or be hampered in any way by those limitations, since our 'reference point' (of a true coordinate system) will always go along with us. The value of the gravitational field at any given point is controlled by the values of the other factors of nature at that point. 

    • Modulating the Gravitational Curve: The electric charges within the atom are a factor which modulates the shape of the gravitational curve of the nucleus.  

    • Magnetic and Electronic Resonance: Any magnetic field which is changing in intensity, will create an electric field, which, at any given instant is equal in amplitude, opposite in sign, and perpendicular to the magnetic field.  If the two fields become mutually resonant, a vector force will be generated. The effect is similar to, and in fact identical with a gravitational field. 

    • Frank Znidarsic http://members.aol.com/fznidarsic/index.html Force and Gravity - a symmetry exists between force and gravity – as a changing magnetic field induces an electric field, a changing momentum (a force) induces a gravitational field – unbalanced forces localize the zero point energy of matter .(vol 4, Issue 22 – 1998 Infinite Energy)  

    • What Factors this Division Point of Nuclear Radiation/Absorption in Fusion? The fusion of nuclear particles may occur in a number of ways, but in every case where the resultant nucleus has a mass smaller than the mass of the atom of silver, large quantities of heat will be released as a result of the combination. When the mass of the resultant nucleus is greater than the mass of an atom of silver, a large quantity of energy is absorbed rather than radiated.

    • Neutron Formation by Electron Penetration of the Nucleus:  Dr Thomas E. Phipps, Jr. (IE vol 5 issue 26 1999) “Generalization of Quantum Mechanics via  a “Covering Theory”: parameters are missing from accepted quantum mechanics that are present in the corresponding classical theory. (parameters which in classical theory allow description not only of classes of motion –general, but also specific ones.) Formal Correspondence: as we proceed downward on the scale of physical size, considering first stars and planets, next billiard balls, then grains of sand, etc., there exists no abrupt physical discontinuity, no particular place or boundary at which one can say: on this side this set of descriptive equations applies, and on the other side that other set applies. Nature builds smoothly; she does not erect discontinuous walls in the midst of her machinations. Clearly, Phipps, in this article notes the problem of scale invariance, and ‘point-like’ localizations which can readily be seen as the ‘zero point’ on the sine wave of the  Radius of Curvature of Natural Law. (ESJ – Hertz’ equations of electrodynamics issue 22 1997)

    • A Testable  Unification of Electrodynamics, General Relativity, and Quantum Mechanics – Whittaker’s 1903 paper – in short, shows how to turn electromagnetics into gravitational potential. Unknowingly, Whittaker has already shown the correct  engineering way to unify EM and G fields, and already falsified one of Einstein’s later primary GR assumptions – that the local space-time is never curved. USPA journal #6 1993

    • Master Principle of EM Overunity:  T. E. Beardon: (and Japanese Overunity Engines). Overunity system operation via work free asymmetrical regauging has been inherent in the Heaveside/Maxwell equations for a century, but just conveniently and arbitrarily assumed away by limiting the theory to NET Symmetrical regauging. Regauging by means of scalar potentials only, changes the local energy of a system and its local reference point to a new reference point, refueling itself from the vacuum potential. Note equivalency to Radius of Curvature example by changing your reference point to the same higher energy value. Electromagnetic scalar potentials and gravitational potentials: Suppose the potential is multivalued (all space, time, mass, matter, energy are  varying degrees of energy differentials)  from point D to A – a strange phenomena occurs When the system has reached point D in its cycle of operation from point A, the potential value itself at D suddenly is altered and regauged back to its original value at point A. Poynting and Heaveside developed the energy-flow theory in EM in parallel, after Maxwell was dead. Modern power engineers do not track the energy flow in an electrical circuit, only the power and work flow… i.e., a river may have a static depth magnitude corresponding to any given point on its surface, or a static pressure magnitude at any interior point of the river – but no one would say the river is static.

    • Elio Conte Biquaternion Quantum Mechanics – the sets of axioms of Minkowski space-time, of Maxwell’s equations, of electromagnetic fields were erroneously considered to be mutually independent; instead, they are manifestations of a single entity based on the set of axioms of biquaternions. (profound differences between Hadronic mechanics and BQM)

    • The Speed of Gravity – faster than light? Meta Research Bulletin http://www.metaresearch.org  Dr. Tom Van Flandern tvf@mind-spring.com Astrodynamics and Celestial Mechanics – formerly with the U.S. Naval Observatory The Speed of Gravity – faster than light? LR or SR, principal difference is equivalence of all inertial frames in SR, and the existence of a preferred frame in LR (special/Lorentzian relativity) Apeiron http://www.redshift.vi.com  Galilean Electrodynamics http://www.msx2.phajhu.edu~dring/gehtmls/gehome.html   Deuterium-based radiationless cold fusion – band state atom systems are similar to Bose-Einstein condensate systems – standing wave,  periodic order dominates – no high energy fragments, no radiation, no neutrons: Dr. Scott Chubb chubb@cff.nrl.navy.mil  and Dr. Talbot Chubb tchubb@aol.com  

    • Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli – The Institute for Basic Research – Palm Harbor, FL   ibr@gte.net  http://home1.gte.net/ibr new address http://www.i-b-r.org/   Hadronic Mechanics consistent completion of QM precisely along the historical E-P-R argument – detailed inconsistencies of QM GR SR, gravitation, chemistry, superconductivity, particle physics (Einstein,. Podolsky and Rosen) “the suppression of the approximate character of quantum mechanics and related basic symmetries in nuclear physics by the academic establishment implies the suppression of new energies, new forms of recycling nuclear wastes, etc constituting ‘damage against society’  a crime, including deception under public funding – a violation of the U.S. Criminal Code of Law. (vol 4, Issue 22 – 1998 IE)

     These are some of the ideas being cast out for discussion and exploration. There are many more unanswered constructs which will be brought forth in future issues.  While we generally recognize the mathematical concepts arising from String Theory, the Theory of Everything, and Subquantum Kinetics appear to approach the now famous "elusive" Unified Field Theory of Einstein, there seem to be significant perceptual blocks to their interpretation. 

    Interestingly enough, this may simply be linked to our sense of sight and our inability to "see" that, which by definition, cannot be seen i.e., velocities faster than light. The interpretation that mass approaches infinity as velocity approaches that of light, may simply be the measure of the kinetic energy differential between the observer and the point he is observing.     

The interpretation that mass approaches infinity as velocity approaches that of light, may simply be the measure of the kinetic energy differential between the observer and the point he is observing. 

    In the light of state of the art advances in particle physics, it may prove quite rewarding to rethink the fundamental roles played by four of the primary factors of the universe: Gravity, Space, Time, and Energy. That these four factors may not be absolute and independent entities, but rather variable factors, each having a value which depended upon the value of the others, could lead to a re-examination  of the Special and General Theory of Relativity.     

    Crucial to this re-examination may be the identification of the variance of these four factors simultaneously on two levels .  .  .  ..  one - measurement  differentiation at the microcosmic to the macrocosmic scale .  . . .. two - at significantly different energy levels, velocities or acceleration (approaching and exceeding the velocity of light or quantity C).  In addition, we may reconsider the forward with which Einstein prefaced his mathematics: that none of the basic factors of nature have any reality or significance except when considered from a specified position or condition.     

    Ultimately, this investigation should extract the true nature of the universal constant, the quantity C, as the radius of curvature of natural law with sine-wave characteristics. This may identify the quantity C as the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter, an energy equivalency which may exist both as a velocity and a frequency.  

The relationship between two given reference points should then become clear: that the velocity of light is an absolute limiting factor only between two preconditioned reference points, and that this limit pertains solely to the perceptual (visual) measurement capacity between a reference point in matter and a reference point in energy. 

    The relationship between two given reference points should then become clear: that the velocity of light is an absolute limiting factor only between two preconditioned reference points, and that this limit pertains solely to the perceptual (visual) measurement capacity between a reference point in matter and a reference point in energy. 




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